How to Get Rid of Ghosts

DISCLAIMER – PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: This site represents my personal views and opinions and is based upon my personal experience and investigations. When dealing with the paranormal, each situation is unique, and individual results may vary. By accessing or using the information and suggestions contained on this site, you agree that you accept full responsibility and that you alone are responsible for the outcome ~ you proceed at your own risk. If you’re unwilling to assume this responsibility, then please leave this site and do not read further.

Why I Created This Site

Television seems to be flooded with paranormal shows these days, some better than others. Yes, I watch some of them. Do I believe everything they tell me? No.

A few years ago, I was one of the first fans of a popular TV series featuring two regular Joes who were paranormal investigators in their spare time. What made the show appealing during that first season was that these were just regular guys. The headquarters for their organization was a dinky structure with a sign that looked handmade. It was located in the backyard of the modest home of one of the founders and looked suspiciously like a storage shed. The series caught on quickly, and next thing I knew, gone were the dinky headquarters and modest home; the team now traveled to investigations in sleek black vans; and the pudgy co-founder started working out and getting in shape about the same time he began to be touted as one of the world’s foremost leading paranormal authorities, along with his buddy. My question is: who says so?

Because shows like this have such a huge fan base, a lot of people will watch and believe that whatever is spouted out of the mouth of someone starring in such a show is gospel.

Important First Rule when dealing with the paranormal: only the Gospel is gospel.

If you’re a fan of the show, please don’t be offended. I’m simply asking you to keep in mind that entertainment is entertainment. While I don’t question that this particular show features folks who are genuinely interested in the paranormal, I do question when people start accepting their opinions as some sort of authority.

But let’s assume for the sake of argument that the stars of this show are authorities on the subject of the paranormal. I can pretty much predict what will happen when they visit a home or business to help the homeowner or business owner. They go in, gather some evidence of paranormal activity, present it to the client while assuring clients they have nothing to fear, and then leave. After the lights and cameras are gone, the homeowner is still left with whatever is causing the haunting. The homeowner may be more accepting of the entity, having been convinced it was ‘once a person, just like you,’ but they’re still stuck with it.

When this series first aired, there were a couple of folks associated with the show who seemed to know something about what is really going on in the spirit realm. These people approached some of the hauntings from the standpoint of a demonologist. However, as the series became more successful, the show seemed to be sanitized for prime time – the demonologists disappeared from the on-air ‘family,’ as did their information on the show’s personal web page.

There is another paranormal show of which I have been, and am still, a fan – it features three younger paranormal investigators. While I don’t agree with everything they believe (as deduced from their dialogue during their investigations), they seem to be more aware of what’s going on in the spiritual realm than some of their counterparts; I have heard them discuss some of the things that will be discussed on this site. They also don’t appear to be passing themselves off as the world’s foremost authority on anything. They are simply investigators, and they take viewers along for the ride.

Important: I’m not recommending that you participate in ANY paranormal investigations – in fact, I advise against it, for reasons which will be discussed later.

My site is not for folks who ascribe to the theories put forth by these and similar shows and who hold those theories and pop culture paranormal jargon as sacred. However, if you’re experiencing a serious haunting, want to get rid of the entity, and are ready to take some real steps to do that, then this site may contain information that will be helpful.

The information contained here is for the person who doesn’t know where to turn. Maybe you’ve called in your local paranormal group or Googled a medium or psychic on the Internet, trying to find help. Maybe someone has traipsed through your home with cameras, digital recorders and EMF detectors; maybe you’ve had some spiritual advisor conduct a ritual, burn sage, whatever. Maybe you’ve even had someone come in who has purportedly led some ghostly lost soul into the light – only to find out after awhile that the weird stuff is still happening. If this sounds like you (or someone you know), then please read on.

I created this site because I was tired of watching shows where family after family has been driven out of a home, or suffered some other kind of loss, due to these entities. I’ve watched shows where people tried mediums, paranormal groups, even religious organizations, only to receive no real help (and in some instances were denied help). A successful paranormal investigation, from the standpoint of an investigator (meaning you’ve caught some impressive evidence) does not necessarily mean a successful outcome for the homeowner. If after everyone leaves the entity still remains, then this is not a successful outcome, in my opinion.

This site will discuss what’s really in your home, why it’s there, and how it may have gotten there. I will also talk about such terrifying experiences as paranormal nightmares and sleep paralysis – and what you can do about them. Most importantly, we will discuss what you need to do to get rid of the unwanted entity or entities in your home. But first, you may have to put aside some preconceived ideas.

What Makes You an Authority?

I don’t claim to be an authority. I’m simply someone who has learned by experience. When I was in my teens, I discovered that I was a gifted medium – I referred to myself as a physical medium, because I could make entities materialize on cue. My gift was like waking up one day and finding out you could play the violin without having had a lesson – I just knew how to do it. However, I had no idea that the gift I possessed was a dangerous one, nor did I have any idea that God has expressly forbidden for such gifts to be used in the way I was using them.

There is not enough space on this web site to tell of my experiences during that time in my life. They were amazing and they were terrifying. Word of my abilities quickly spread, and people came from several states away, just to see me in operation. My family was terrified of the entities that appeared in our home (centurions, Egyptian queens, and more). I became immersed in the spiritual realm without any knowledge whatsoever – and that is a dangerous thing. Fortunately for me, there were also good spiritual entities around me (yes, someone saw them). Little did I realize at the time that the Lord’s Prayer, which I recited each night before going to sleep, was being used by God as a shield and protection for me.

Looking back on that time in my life, I’m so grateful and thankful to God for keeping me safe and bringing me to the knowledge that I have today. I entered the spiritual realm backwards – dark side first – only I had no idea it was the dark side.

I could write books on what I have experienced, but that’s not the purpose of this web site. The purpose of this site is to distill some of the knowledge that I have acquired over the years so that if you need it, you can take it and use it as a weapon against the entity or entities that are threatening you – because whether you realize it or not, we are at war. We are at war with an invisible, powerful enemy. And unless you know how to fight, you may as well abandon your fox hole and cut your losses.

But if you choose to stand and fight, then get ready. You may not like what I have to say. Some of it may go against your beliefs; it may make you angry, particularly if you disagree with the Christian faith or follow another religion (or none at all). However, I’m not here to convert you. My truth is my truth. My experience is my experience. I have learned what I have learned. I know who the enemies are, many ways that they operate, and what puts them on the run. So if you need that kind of knowledge, then please read on.

The Truth About Ghosts

As human beings, we tend to believe what we see – “seeing is believing.” But in the spiritual realm, the opposite holds true. Sometimes you must believe before you can see. The Bible tells us that we walk by faith, not by sight.

Maybe you don’t believe in the Bible – or maybe you see it as just another book. However, the entities we’re going to discuss DO believe in it. They are bound by everything that’s contained in its pages. They know that book backwards and forwards. They understand that contained within the pages of what we call the Bible are spiritual laws – and they also know that this book contains the knowledge to defeat them. Just because you may be unaware that there are spiritual laws does not mean that those laws don’t exist.

In the physical realm, we are very aware of identity theft. But did you know that it happens in the spiritual realm on a regular basis? It happens because the beings that inhabit that realm know us inside and out. They know that if we see something, we tend to believe it. So if a spirit appears as great grandpa, Aunt Tillie, or a former occupant of the home, we buy into it. If we see a little girl, we believe it’s the ghost of a little girl.

Second Rule when dealing with the paranormal: do not believe what you are seeing. The Bible tells us to test every spirit. On the human realm, we ask for ID. In the spiritual realm, most of us don’t think to do that.

It may simplify things for you if I tell you that what is haunting you is NOT a ghost. There is no such thing as a lost soul, unable to make its way to the light. If you buy into that, then the entity haunting you already has the upper hand.

God takes good care of His universe and does not allow souls to become lost (the Bible tells us that not even one sparrow falls without His knowing it). The Bible also tells us that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord – so when we leave our Earthly body, whether we believe in Him or not, it’s to Him that we return. He created us, and it’s His ballgame. Our culture (and a large part of the world) doesn’t want it to be His ballgame; nevertheless, it is. The reason I’m making this point is because unless you realize He is who He says He is, then you won’t understand why demonic powers are terrified of His Name and why they react to His Name the way that they do.

If you aren’t a believer of the Bible (a powerful weapon against the entities we’re discussing), then perhaps you’ve heard tales of near death experiences. In culture after culture, without exception, people who have returned from such an experience tell us that they traveled along something resembling a tunnel, toward a brilliant white light. They traveled without thinking, without making a conscious decision; they were simply pulled toward the light almost as soon as they left their body.

So don’t buy into the myth that souls are lost and unable to find their way. What is causing your haunting is not – I repeat, NOT – a lost soul. What you are experiencing is an entity that is guilty of identity theft. It may appear as a child, an animal, a relative, someone who can be connected with a tragedy in your home – it can appear as anything it chooses. The entities you are dealing with have the ability to appear as whatever they choose. They will appear any way that will get you to accept them (you may not want them, but when you have identified them as a former tenant of your home or the victim of some tragedy that occurred there, then you have in a sense accepted them, whether you realize it or not).

Does this mean that there are no such things as ghosts? Not exactly. People have had genuine experiences with loved ones who appeared to them shortly after death (usually to say farewell) or who may appear during time of crisis (although sometimes our guardian angels – yes, we have them – will appear as a deceased loved one so as not to frighten us). But for the most part, what is being perceived as a ghost is actually something else. It’s a fallen angel, more commonly referred to as a demon.

So you can forget about what the popular TV shows are teaching you about human and inhuman hauntings, residual or intelligent, etc. All malevolent activity can be attributed to demons (and yes, it can have a malevolent intent, even if it seems minor at first). If it’s paranormal, then assume it’s demonic. (You can have paranormal experiences with the good angels, as well – several of them showed up to save my family during a terrible car wreck some years ago, and they did not attempt to hide – but for the most part, what you will be dealing with will be the fallen angels, or demons).

Even among self-proclaimed demonologists, there is a lot of misinformation. For instance, some claim that a demon cannot appear in a human form unless there is something about the form that is malformed or misshapen. This is FALSE. A demon can appear as anything it chooses – a relative, child, animal, Bigfoot, an alien (I’m not saying there is no Bigfoot or are no aliens) – whatever it chooses. If you will accept a relative, it will appear as a relative. If you buy into the tragic history of your home or business and will accept a previous occupant of the premises, then that’s the form it will take. If you’re someone who will not rebuke a Bigfoot or will welcome an alien, then you may encounter a demonic entity in that form – whatever you will accept, that is how it will appear.

Third Rule of the paranormal: a demon can appear in any form it chooses.

So before you accept that little ghost child or that apparition that can be associated with some tragedy from long ago, you must understand that chances are, what you are seeing or hearing is a demon.

What Powers Does a Demon Have?

The main reason that people accept an apparition is simply ignorance – having no knowledge of a demon’s abilities or its agenda. Demons have terrifying powers, including the power to physically harm or injure, bring sickness, and possibly even death (the Bible says they come to kill, steal and destroy). However, for the purpose of this web site, we’ll focus on demonic powers with regard to hauntings. Here is a short list of some of the things demons can do:

o Shape Shifting. As discussed above, a demon can take any shape, any form, it chooses. It may appear as a child, relative, animal, or some other form, either human or inhuman. They can appear in a ghost-like ethereal form or as a solid, physical entity.
o Sound Emulation. A demon can emulate voices or create sounds (and they do it quite successfully on EVP recordings).
Playback. Demons have the ability to replay sounds or images. This is why a haunting will frequently include sounds which may once have occurred in the structure where the haunting is occurring, such as footsteps, things being dragged, laughter, crying, any number of sounds.
Sleep Paralysis & Nightmares. Demons have the ability to cause what is frequently referred to as sleep paralysis – but they can cause this paralyzed state while the victim is awake, as well. Demons can also bring nightmares.
o Poltergeist Activity: Demons can affect the physical realm. They can throw things, slam doors, affect electrical appliances (often one of the first signs of demonic activity), cause lights to flicker or turn on or off, light candles, and do other things from small to terrifying – including inflicting their victim with scratches or claw marks.
Affect Pets & Children: Your pets, and frequently small children, can see them. Therefore, a demon will often present itself as a child or some type of playmate to your children so the child will accept them. Your pets know better and will be terrified of them. You may see your dog barking or growling at a space where nothing seems to be, or refusing to enter a room. That’s because he can see the demon. You cannot. Demons will often attack pets or try to make them sick or to kill them.
Distort Your Sense of Reality. A demon has the ability not only to fool you by its shape or form, it can also affect your sense of the reality around you – make you believe you are seeing things around you that are not really there. So if you confront such an entity based simply on the things you are seeing, chances are you will lose.

Please understand that a demon hates you. It doesn’t matter that you have done nothing to the entity – it hates and despises you, as it does all of mankind. It’s also very territorial. If you’ve moved into a space where a demon dwells, it will try and drive you from the space. If it can’t drive you from the space, it may try and get you to accept it as a friendly spirit so that it can remain (it’s not worried about remaining if you aren’t armed with the knowledge re: how to get rid of it). The purpose of the demon is to bring discord to your family, or even worse, to harm you or your loved ones. It may have a terrible agenda that involves more than just driving you from your home. So why would you want to accept an entity like that and allow it to remain?

So What Can I Do?

Here is the part that may upset you, if you’re an atheist or practice a religion other than Christian. But the purpose of this web site is to tell you what works, and this is what works. Please understand – I AM NOT TRYING TO CONVERT YOU. Feel free to believe and practice whatever you want to believe and practice. But if you really, truly, honestly want rid of these things, then here is a crash course on why these methods are successful.

Demons are fallen angels. No matter what you believe or don’t believe, you are probably already aware that the Bible says there was war in Heaven, and the angels who followed Lucifer (now Satan) were cast out of Heaven. Guess where they landed?

These fallen angels hate and despise mankind because we are God’s creation and are loved by Him. Their mission is to destroy us. There are no “good” demons (good angels, yes – good demons, no). This would seem to make it very one-sided, for how can a human possibly stand up to such a powerful supernatural being? However, God has not left us without weapons, and one of those in particular makes the demons tremble.

Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you want it to be true or not, everything in Heaven and in Earth is subject to the Name of Jesus. If you don’t know this or don’t believe this, then the demons are one up on you – because they know His Name and tremble. They are counting on the fact that either (a) you don’t know about this, (b) you don’t believe it, or (c) you don’t know how to use it.

Steps to Take to Cleanse a Home

These are the steps I recommend to cleanse a home:

1. Get Rid of Anything Associated with the Paranormal. This means things like Ouija boards (if you have one, burn it), dousing rods, witchcraft books, crystal balls, tarot cards – anything that is associated with the paranormal or used for the purpose of divination. God has expressly forbidden the use of such things and considers this witchcraft. You may not see any harm in having a curiosity about the paranormal, but what you don’t realize is that to use any of these things is basically inviting the demonic into your home and your life. You are essentially giving it permission. This is particularly dangerous if you’re head of household, because the head of household (either male or female) is the primary spiritual authority in the home and the one who must confront and stand up to the demon. If you’re dabbling in witchcraft, then you’ve already lost the battle. So get these things out of your home – preferably, burn them.

2. Ask God’s Forgiveness. Okay, so this will really not sit well with some of you, but we’re talking about power steps here. If you want the good side of the Force with you and you’ve dabbled in the occult (even innocently), you need to ask God to forgive you for opening a door. Whether you’re aware of it or not, once you ask His forgiveness, you’re forgiven. It’s as simple as that. If you’re a true atheist or doubter as to His existence, then your prayer might be something like: “Lord Jesus, if You’re there – I ask forgiveness for dabbling in the occult.” Whether it feels like it or not, you’re taking away power from the dark side by doing this.

3. Anoint Each Room of Your Home. You can use any kind of oil (I use olive oil). Dab your finger in the oil and make the sign of the cross over each doorway or on a wall in each room. As you make the sign of the cross, say a prayer such as this one: “Our Father in Heaven, I ask you to bind up and cast out of this room and this home any entity that is demonic, Satanic, or not of you. I ask you to guard and protect this room, this home, and those who live here. I ask this in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.” It’s not that the oil has any magical properties to it – it’s a symbol that you do not accept the entity, and you are calling on God to help you to get rid of it.

4. Place a Bible in Each Room. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, the demons DO believe in it because they are bound by God’s Word. There have been instances of hauntings where entities have demanded, through psychics or mediums, that Bibles be removed from homes. They do not want them there. You DO, however, want the Bibles there.

5. Pray Together as a Family. If you’re a member of a family, gather the family together and ask the Lord to remove any demonic or satanic entities from your home. Be sure to ask this in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ (say the words out loud). Even if you feel silly doing this, what do you have to lose?

6. If Confronted by an Entity. If confronted by an entity, then no matter what the entity looks like or says, you should point to the entity and say aloud, “Satan, I rebuke you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I command you to leave my home.” Do this as many times as you need to do it. Sometimes demons will not leave without a fight, but eventually, they will leave, if ordered to leave in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. If they return, then you do it again – and again and again, if necessary.

7. If Attacked by Sleep Paralysis or Nightmares. To help ward off nightmares, sleep with a Bible under your pillow. Say a prayer before you go to sleep and ask Jesus to guard and protect you. If you find yourself experiencing sleep paralysis, where you are unable to move and unable to speak, fight telepathically by thinking these words: “Satan, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I rebuke you.” The entity will have to release you, even if it has rendered you unable to speak.

Do I Have to Use the Name of Jesus?

Yes. The Bible (which contains the laws by which the entities haunting you are bound) tells us that everything in Heaven and Earth is subject to His Name. You may not know this or may not believe it; you may even hate the idea. Nevertheless, not only is it true that everything is subject to the Name of Jesus Christ, it’s a powerful weapon against demonic entities. So when you come against these entities, or when you pray to God for help, you must use the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. (HaMashiach Yeshua, or Jesus the Messiah, in Hebrew ).

Do I Need a Priest or Minister?

It certainly can’t hurt to have a priest or minister bless your home, but not everyone is able to do that (I’ve heard stories of some priests and ministers declining to help families under attack). And even if you have the priest or minister come in to bless your home, you may still want to take the steps outlined above (also, the priest or minister may not be there with you when you are undergoing hand-to-hand spiritual combat with the entity).

Wherever possible, I would encourage any family undergoing supernatural attacks to associate themselves with a group of believers – but you need to make sure it’s a group that understands and believes in what you’re experiencing. In most instances, that will be a religious group that describes itself as charismatic or Pentecostal – but there are a lot of fringe groups out there, so the best advice I can give you on this is to pray and ask the Lord to direct you to the right group.

What About a Paranormal Group, Psychic or Medium?

I would under no circumstances recommend using a paranormal group (unless it’s a Christian group that will get rid of the entities using the above steps), psychic or medium. It’s especially dangerous to use a psychic or medium, because these individuals are operating against the Word of God. (I can talk about this with some knowledge because I was one – even though I had no idea I was going against the Word of God.)

People are always amazed when a psychic or medium communicates with supposedly dead people (I say supposedly because they are communicating, but not with the ghosts of loved ones) and seem to have all this personal information to tell their clients, etc. This is because demons know everything about you and your loved ones.

Fourth Rule of the Paranormal: Demons know everything about you.

Demons have all that personal knowledge that you think only a loved one possessed (which is what makes a psychic or medium so impressive, if he/she is genuine). The psychic or medium is under the influence of what the Bible refers to as a Spirit of Divination. There’s a great story in the Bible about one such psychic, who was foolishly following around a couple of the Apostles and making proclamations. The Apostles finally tired of her, turned around and called the spirit out of her – after which she no longer had her amazing ability, and the guy who was her manager and making money off her talents was upset because she no longer had her psychic abilities.

So when you tune in to see your favorite TV psychic, who is walking up to folks in the supermarket and saying things that only their deceased loved one could know, just remember that the loved one was not the only one who had that intel – the demons also know all that personal information.

How Do I Keep It from Returning?

If you’ve taken steps to cleanse your home and are finally experiencing some peace, there are things you can do to help keep the demons at bay (understand, you may do all these things and still have to battle them again, but eventually, they will leave – unless you are knowingly or unknowingly inviting them back in).

1. Make sure you have no occult paraphernalia in your home.

2. Make sure you are not dabbling in anything paranormal, whether it’s tarot cards, psychic readings, witchcraft, or Ouija boards, to name a few.

3. If you have an addiction problem (drugs, sex, alcohol), seek help. There is a demonic hierarchy (not enough room in this article to go into this in depth) and demons can be attached to someone who is having these issues (their way of trying to destroy the person). The good news is, the Bible says that if we resist the devil, he will flee from us – so get help for your addiction.

4. Do not allow anger or any form of abuse, such as domestic violence, to be part of your home. Demons thrive on fear, sorrow, violence, anger, depression, and all the negative human emotions and actions. This is why demons are almost always found at the site of a tragedy – like emotional vampires, they feed on the negative emotions that are still in the air. So as much as possible, try and fill your home with light, love and laughter. The Apostle Paul said, “Whatsoever is good, whatsoever is lovely, think on these things.”

5. Pray. Prayer is what made the difference in my life, even when I had no idea it was protecting me from terrible entities around me (one of the lines of the Lord’s Prayer, which I was reciting every night, is “deliver us from evil.”)

6. If you can’t bring yourself to become part of some kind of religious group for support (or even if you do), consider filling your home with praise and worship music on a regular basis. The Bible tells us that God “inhabits the praises of His people.” Demons HATE this music and the Spirit behind it.


The steps outlined above should get rid of the entities that are haunting you, but I think it’s only fair to warn you that if you don’t accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, they will keep coming back (and will probably bring their buddies, so the haunting when they revisit you may be even worse). This is not some kind of trick to convert you ~ I’m just telling you how it is. The believer in Christ has an authority over these things that the non-believer does not have. These entities may also revisit you even if you become a believer, but the difference is that as a believer, you will have the Holy Spirit residing with you ~ and you can call upon Him to deal with them. You can take my word that evil entities don’t want to remain in a home where the Holy Spirit resides. So if you want to make sure He is living in your home, you can pray this simple prayer: “Lord Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and Savior and ask forgiveness for my sins. Please send your Holy Spirit to guard and protect me. Amen.”

I hope that the things I have written here will help you. These terrible entities created havoc in my own life, and I’m aware of what they’ve done in other lives. So it is my hope and prayer that you will find help and peace. Whether you know it or not, God loves you and wants your home to be peaceful and happy – and He is on your side.

May God bless and keep you and yours.